About Us

HarveyClock is provided handmade accessories for watch , camera and electronic products. 
We located in Hong Kong and our experienced tailors are familiar in leather , nylon and silicon product.
We promise that our products with free shipping for all items and with 1 Year warranty. 
As our valued customers, we will offer additional services, we can provide free gift wrapping. For any goods that you want as a gift when presented to someone, just click the box and gift items in a message at the checkout.

And Asia-based operations and distribution centers and lower operating and transportation costs, we can offer incredible prices. Occasionally, our site also runs a number of promotional activities from time to time, I hope you can buy into a good heart.

Thank you for visiting Harveyclock.com Feel free to send us an e-mail asking our big promotion, product range or a large purchase discount.

If you have any questions, please contact us. The company provides EMAIL,at any time to ask questions
Please contact us by email (harveyclockasia@gmail.com) or message us if you have any questions or special requests.